Our Nylon and stainless-steel quick-release Mounting Pins are designed to secure 2 or 4 MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks to whatever you’d like to mount them on, be it your roof rack, roof platform, crossbars, toolbox lid or vehicle panel.


    Here are the layout dimensions

    Please note: Manufacturing tolerances may affect the dimensions shown above, so please check these measurements against your MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks before drilling. Measure twice. Cut once.





    Each MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set includes 4 Nylon and stainless-steel quick-release Mounting Pins (which can securely hold 2 or 4 MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks), 4 stainless-steel Nyloc nuts and 4 flat stainless-steel washers. You’ll notice that there's a hole in the top of each mounting pin to allow for a padlock.

    Please follow these Instructions closely to reduce the risk of personal injury or property damage when installing and using this product on your vehicle.

    All 4 Mounting Pins MUST be used for securing your MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks.

    When installing the Mounting Pins ensure that the knuckles are aligned so that they’re in the same orientation as the keyholes in the MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks.

    The padlock hole through the shaft should not be visible when you are installing the Mounting Pins. It should only appear once the knuckle has been turned 90º to lock down your MAXTRAX.


    Apply lubricant
     to the stainless-steel threads prior to tightening the nuts and tighten using hand tools only; DO NOT tighten with power tools as this can generate sufficient heat to cause the Nyloc nut to bind to the thread prematurely.

    Once the Mounting Pins are installed it’s easy to mount your MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks.

    • Secure 2 MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks by turning both knuckles on each pin 90º.
    • Secure 4 MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks by turning the top knuckle on each pin 90º.

    We strongly recommend fitting padlocks (Maxlox 30 Dual Pack and Maxlox 30) through a couple of the most easily accessible Mounting Pin/s to reduce the risk of theft of your MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks, and also to prevent the knuckle/s from unintentionally rotating whilst driving.

    We also strongly recommend that before driving, and regularly during your journey, particularly on rough roads and tracks, you should check that the Mounting Pins and the MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks are secure.

    The knuckles can sometimes become difficult to turn if they haven’t been used for a while as the assembly may gradually become filled with road dust and grime. Rinsing with water or spraying with a water-dispersant compound may help.

    We also make a handy tool for those with delicate fingers.


    When stacking 4 x MAXTRAX MKIIs they will have a slightly lower profile than stacking XTREMEs, as shown visually below.
    As a result, there are different mounting pin options depending on whether you are stacking the following combintionat:
    Visual representation of the lowest profile setup, mounting 4 x MKII recovery boards which requires the MKII mounting pins:

    Visual representation of a hybrid setup, mounting 2 x XTREMEs with 2 x MKIIs, showing the slightly higher profile on the XTREMEs. This setup requires the HYBRID mounting pins:

    Visual representation of mounting 4 x XTREME recovery boards which requires the XTREME mounting pins:


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