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    MAXTRAX Indeflate Analogue 2 hose

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    MAXTRAX Indeflate Analogue 2 hose DESCRIPTION

    Inflating tyres with Indeflate:

    Deflating tyres with Indeflate:

    • The MAXTRAX INDEFLATE is designed (and built in South Africa) to inflate or deflate two tyres simultaneously using our unique dump-valve mechanism that automatically equalises the pressure between the two tyres.
    • The MAXTRAX INDEFLATE features a 700kpa (100psi) combination pressure gauge (manufactured by one of the world's leading suppliers of high-quality pressure and temperature measurement products) so that you can monitor your tyre pressures while inflating, deflating or equalising the tyre pressures.
    • The patented MAXTRAX INDEFLATE dump-valve mechanism is made from highly durable precision engineered Mil-Spec hard-anodised aluminium and features two 3-metre long highly flexible air hoses that are abrasion and ozone resistant and can withstand pressures of up to 2000kpa (300psi) and temperatures of -10oC to +60oC.
    • Clip-on valve chucks make it safe, simple, quick and easy to connect to your tyres valves.
    • A Schrader valve on one end of the dump valve (the same as the valves on your tyres) makes it easy to connect to an air-compressor to inflate your tyres simultaneously too.
    • The MAXTRAX INDEFLATE comes in a strong and durable carry bag to make it convenient to carry and store.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Can't do without it!

    Highly recommend!!

    Ray Britten
    Maxtrax Indeflate makes tyre pressure setting on tow vehicle and caravan a breeze!

    The eight wheels on my tow rig and dual axle caravan have varied tyre pressures according to their location on the rig.
    I set tyre pressures according to the load carried on each axle. The front axle pair of wheels on the tug run much less pressure than the wheels on the rear axle. The four caravan tyre pressures are all equal and set according to the van's ATM.
    Consequently, being able to set the pressures in axle pairs, using the Indeflate, is an excellent and time saving improvement compared to running from individual wheel to wheel.

    My new MAXTRAX two hose Indeflate is the best accessory that I have purchased in years!

    Phillip S.
    Maxtrax Indeflate Analogue 2 Hose

    I bought this about 2 years ago & have used it quite a few times, I must say that it is extremely good & is very easy to use. I plug my compressor into an anderson plug in the back of my Ford Ranger, connect it to the Indeflate & the hoses easily reach to all four wheels from there. It has always worked perfectly & it is great to be able to both inflate or deflate two tyres at the same time, which minimises your stoppage time on the side of the road / track / sand, when you are either going off road or back onto the black stuff again. This is a fantastic product & something that I think it is certainly one of the best pieces of my various 4WD equipment that I carry in my vehicle all the time. I highly recommend the Maxtrax Indeflate Analogue 2 Hose to everyone who has not already got one.

    C U L8R

    Phil Sadler

    Time saver

    I bought this product about 3 months ago before our trip up North. Saved me so much time inflating my tyres after a day on the beach. What an awesome product

    Indelfate Analogue Dual Hose

    Excellent bit of gear. Inflation and deflation are both possible due to the two way valve design.
    Setup is a breeze and the self pressure balancing is a nice extra feature.
    Have used the system for the last two years across Victoria without issue.
    The only gripe I have is with the amount of hose the system has but once you figure the correct way of rolling it up,this issue resolves itself with practice.
    Highly recommended,have got a couple of friends onto the indeflate gear.

    MAXTRAX Indeflate Analogue 2 hose | $199

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