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    July 27, 2020 1 min read

    About a year ago we had the pleasure of test-driving a brand new Suzuki Jimny on the beach and through the tracks of the Great Sandy NP Cooloola section and let me say, we were very impressed! 

    So impressed in fact that we ordered one immediately with the verdict that the Jimny is a modern incarnation of our trusty 1943 US Army Jeep, with amazing off-road capability in completely stock form, but with all the mod cons such as a roof, doors, a windscreen and seatbelts. Not to mention the luxury of aircon, power steering, Satnav, ABS, airbags, stereo and comfy seats. 

    The Jimny has proved to be a smash hit for Suzuki with long waiting lists and a second production line on the go to try to meet the demand, so, while we waited for ours to be delivered, we started thinking about how we could pay tribute to our 77-year-old Jeep. 

    Stay tuned to see how our Jeepny custom build turns out.