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    4x4 Australia Reviews MAXTRAX 4WD Recovery Gear

    January 09, 2024 3 min read

    When 4X4 Australia geared up their mighty D-MAX, they weren't playing around. They had a checklist that read like the ultimate off-road wish list: top-notch quality, modern features, and the versatility to handle a fleet of vehicles, big or small. Safety? Non-negotiable.

    After a deep dive into the world of recovery gear, 4X4 Australia found their match – MAXTRAX 4WD recovery gear, which they now run exclusively in their D-MAX with four MAXTRAX XTREMEs and a carefully customised MAXTRAX recovery kit safely stowed in our Recovery Kit Bag within their cab for a quick grab. Deputy Editor of 4x4 Australia Magazine, Evan Spence, wisely noted, "In the scheme of things, it’s not even terribly expensive to purchase quality recovery gear that your life could literally depend on."

    Since then, they've conquered numerous tracks, proving the worth of their MAXTRAX XTREMEs. In one memorable incident, the XTREMEs paid for themselves when they effortlessly self-recovered a press vehicle from thick mud, no damage sustained.

    Evan highlighted what he loves about the XTREMEs. In addition to the usual MAXTRAX DNA, what makes the XTREMEs the choice for mission-critical users like the Army and Special Forces is the ability to swap out the alloy teeth in the field - completely extending the life of your boards in the most extreme conditions!
    Our top-end MAXTRAX XTREMEs feature all of the below, for those who demand the best and put their gear through the most:
    • 88 replaceable teeth for easy and affordable replacements.
    • Aussie made durability.
    • Quick and easy to use.
    • Lifetime-lasting quality.
    • Simplicity in aiding fellow four-wheel drivers.
    • Convenience in transferring them from vehicle to vehicle with ease.
    Curious about the perfectly packed Recovery Kit Bag for their solo travels? Evan notes "I’ve mentioned this previously, but I always keep essential recovery gear in a bag inside the cabin of the vehicle, in the event you are really stuck and can’t access the canopy and drawer system. For this task, we chose to grab a recovery kit bag and stock it full of everything we should ever need to safely extract our D-MAX or other off-roaders."

    If you're wondering what recovery gear you need if you don't have a winch but always travel in a convoy, Evan says you can essentially get away with a MAXTRAX Kinetic Rope, shovel and some MAXTRAX Soft Shackles. In their case, they already have the winch and they often travel solo, so to cover all bases while also saving on weight they carry five MAXTRAX Soft Shackles at all times, as well as a MAXTRAX Fuse Shackle.

    For snatch style recoveries, they carry the MAXTRAX Kinetic Recovery Rope, MAXTRAX Static Rope, and MAXTRAX Winch Ring and Dampener. But Evan and the 4x4 Australia team have really covered all bases, including when you're a bit too far away from a safe winching spot. "Sometimes there’s just not enough rope on your winch to get out of trouble, so we have also selected a MAXTRAX static winch-rope extension, and a smaller three-metre MAXTRAX static rope which can be used as a bridle strap, small winch extension or tree-trunk protector."

    As the cherry on top, alongside their MAXTRAX recovery system and MAXTRAX XTREMEs, 4X4 Australia opted for the MAXTRAX Hitch 50. Why? Because not only can it be seamlessly added to their tow-hitch, but it's specifically designed to be compatible with soft shackles.

    Head over to 4x4 Australia site to unravel the full review of their MAXTRAX setup!