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    August 16, 2020 2 min read



    When it comes to airing up and down quickly and easily, there’s no better option than the MAXTRAX Indeflate! Designed to take the hard yards out of inflating and deflating your tyres, you can now drop or raise the pressure on two tyres at once with ease.


    Tyre pressures for the beach, sand, mud and more are vital to get right the first time, so you don’t get stuck in a bad spot. It’s just as important to make sure you’re airing back up to a safe road pressure once you’re ready to head home, so Indeflate is compatible with all standard 4WD compressors, helping you inflate and get on your way! 


    To deflate, park your car, unpack the Indeflate and connect the hose chucks to two tyres. Hang the unit on your bullbar, spare tyre or just hold it in your hand and lower the sleeve to deflate both tyres evenly and easily.


    To inflate, set up is the same! The final step is to connect your air compressor to the bottom of the Indeflate unit and switch it on. Double check your final pressure, pack your compressor and Indeflate away and off you go.


    Leave the fiddly tyre deflator in the glovebox, there’s no more crawling and crouching with Indeflate.

    Click to buy the MAXTRAX Indeflate now!


    • Equalises the pressure between two tyres automatically.
    • Attaches to two valves at once, with quick connect locking chucks
    • Built in pressure gauge
    • Durable precision engineered aluminium
    • 2x 3m highly flexible, abrasion and ozone resistant air hoses
    • Durable carry bag

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